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Furniture Scratch Protector

Furniture Scratch Protector

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Prevent your furry friends from wreaking havoc on your sofa, armchair, curtains, table legs, and any other expensive furniture. 


  • Prevent furniture scratches from cats
  • Keep your furniture in excellent condition
  • 100% Furniture Friendly - Leaves ZERO residue
  • Transparent & subtle
  • Non-toxic & easy to use


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Fed up with your Feline Friends Wrecking Your Furnishings?

Cats naturally like to scratch to sharpen their claws. It's cute, but should it ruin your nice furniture? It doesn't have to! This Furniture Scratch Guard is the answer. It will stop your pets from scratching your sofa, recliner chair, curtains, table legs, and any new fancy furniture you've bought.


With our Furniture Scratch Guard, your cats will learn fast where not to scratch. This means no more endless scratching and wrecking of your furniture.

These protective sheets are totally clear, so you can hardly see them. You can stick them to almost any material your cat usually scratches the most.

They don't leave any sticky stuff behind, so you can use them on any smooth fabric like leather, polyester, and more.


You've probably spent a lot of money, maybe even thousands, on your furniture. You wouldn't want your beloved items to be ruined by your cats and their claws.

With our protection, you can now keep your furniture safe. You don't have to stop buying new stuff because you're scared it might get wrecked.

  • Step 1

    Cut to size.

    (Cuts easy, like regular paper)

  • Step 2

    Peel away the white backing

  • Step 3

    Apply the adhesive sheet on the desired area.

  • Stop worrying about your pets clawing your furniture
  • No need to scold your animals, so you can bond better with them
  • Keep furniture in perfect condition
  • Invisible and unobtrusive - Seamlessly matches with the furniture fabric
  • Extremely easy to apply - Just peel off the backing and place where required
  • Safe for you, your furniture, and your cat
  • Can be applied to a variety of materials
  • Each sheet measures 18x12’'(45x30cm)
  • Exclusive online product.


How do I install it?

The installation process is incredibly straightforward and can be completed in under 5 minutes. Just trim the Protector Sheet to your preferred size using scissors, or use it at its full size. Remove the protective paper and stick it to your desired spot. Depending on the material of your furniture, you can use the provided twist pins for an even firmer hold.

Ensure the area where you're applying it is clean and devoid of any dirt or grease.

Does this actually protect my furniture?

Absolutely! The protective sheets are designed to be thick enough to repel your cat's claws, and the slick surface of the sheets prevents your cat from latching onto the surface.

This lack of traction will result in your cat losing interest in scratching your furniture.

What happens if I want to remove it?

It doesn't leave any residues and can be securely removed once your cat has mastered the areas where scratching is not allowed.

What does it feel like?

Only the side adhering to the furniture is sticky. The exterior surface is smooth, preventing your cat from gaining a grip, which subsequently discourages them from showing interest in scratching that particular area.

What materials work best?

The protector sheets perform excellently on smooth fabrics and can be utilized in various locations, such as on the armchair or the wooden framework of your furniture. Depending on the surface, employ the included twist pins or tacks for an even more robust grip.

Does it work on leather?

Yes, it adheres to leather furniture and is safe for use on most types of leather.

We do recommend initially testing it on a smaller area and removing the protectors once your cats have been trained not to scratch the furniture.

Can I cut this with scissors?

Yes. It’s like cutting paper, except more fun.

What about Chenille fabric?

A few customers have mentioned experiencing challenges with the protectors adhering to Chenille fabric, likely due to its fuzzy surface texture.

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