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Easy Root Nursery Propagation Pod

Easy Root Nursery Propagation Pod

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Revolutionize Your Garden with Easy Root Nursery Propagation Pod

Welcome to the new age of gardening with the Easy Root Nursery Propagation Pod. This innovative product takes the ancient method of air layering and combines it with modern design to create an effective, reusable, and hassle-free tool for propagating your plants. Bid farewell to traditional seeding and experience a new, more efficient way of growing your plants.

Patience is a virtue, but why wait when you don't have to?

The Easy Root Nursery Propagation Pod provides a high success rate in propagation, and the results are visible within weeks. New plants will carry the same characteristics as their parent plant, including the ability to bear fruit much earlier than a plant grown from seed.

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  • Step 1

    Strip approximately 1 inch of bark off at the desired rooting location.

  • Step 2

    Fill the pod with soil and close it around the freshly peeled bark.

  • Step 3

    Once roots grow, replant into your desired location.

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How do I ensure successful propagation?

Keep an eye on the rooting bundle. If it appears dry, add a few drops of water through the side funnel-shaped hole. Roots may take a few weeks to appear, but they should be visible through the moss before you separate the cutting from the parent plant.

Are the pods able to re-used?

Yes, you can. The pod is designed to be reused over multiple seasons.

What types of plants can I propagate with the Easy Root Nursery Propagation Pod?

The Easy Root Nursery Propagation Pod can be used to propagate most plants. This includes ornamental figs, dieffenbachia, croton, and many herbaceous plants. Woody plants like magnolia, holly, camellia, azalea, and fruit and nut bearing plants such as citrus, apple, pears, and pecans can also be propagated using this method. Roses, Forsythia, Honeysuckle, Boxwood, and Wax myrtle also respond well to this propagation method.

When is the best time to propagate plants using this method?

Any time of year! Propagation is most effective when plants are actively growing. The ideal time frame is from early spring to late-summer.

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