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BuzzGuard Ultra

BuzzGuard Ultra

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Introducing the "BuzzGuard Ultra": A Revolution in Fly Control

Forget swatting flies or the cruel old fashioned bug zapper. Discover a cutting-edge solution to a fly-free home and garden with our BuzzGuard Ultra, an upgraded USB Flycatcher equipped with high-tech features to ensure safety and superior performance in trapping unwanted flies.

💡 Simple Usage & Professional Design: Spread the bait on the five grooves and turn on the switch. The rotating plate will lure the flies into the trap box, which you can easily clean later. It's patented design ensures a large number of flies can be trapped at a time.

🚀 High Efficiency & Low Noise: No more annoying *ZAP* noises. With a high capture rate and quiet operation between 20-40dB, it guarantees to keep your spaces fly-free without disturbing your peace. 

🍃 Environmentally Friendly & Premium Material: This is a physical fly trap that ensures safety for your environment – it's non-toxic and made from premium ABS material.

🔋 USB Powered: Connect it easily with any USB device for safe and hassle-free operation. 

♻️ Reusable & Cost-Effective: Built for longevity, BuzzGuard Ultra provides a high-cost performance due to its reusable nature.

🍯 Bait Friendly: Experiment with different baits like honey, sugar, or any fly-attracting substances.

  • Material: ABS
  • Product Size: 16×16×5cm
  • Power: 5w USB Cable (included) 
  • Comes with 1 package of fly bait
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